Curb Boss

Ville Platte, LA 70586

Lil’ Bubba® Certified Landscape Curbing Installer!

Curb Boss

Hello, we are Thaddius Bergeron and Branson Fontenot, and together we are Curb Boss.

We have been best friends since we were in elementary school and have always had the dream of running an honest business together, driven with our best values in mind.

August of 2020 brought my offshore career an abrupt end, but my best friend Branson was right there to pick me up and show me that now is the time for us to do what we’ve always talked about.

We started our own business in the field of Debris Removal & Disbursement, which we did so well that we found ourselves out of work.

That’s when we learned about the Commercial and Domestic Landscape Curbing Industry, and pulled together our initial investment to help us better provide for our families, while also building a business that we could one day pass down to our children.

Both of us being family oriented, we plan to help our children grow up in similar ways as we had ourselves, with strong work principles and no fear of getting our hands dirty to make our business successful.

Thank all of you so much for taking the time to read our story and showing interest while also supporting our journey. We are truly blessed to have this opportunity.

Curb Boss

Thaddius Bergeron

Branson Fontenot

Ville Platte, LA 70586


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