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Montana Mountain Custom Curb

Montana Mountain Custom Curb is a Bitterroot Valley based business helping homeowners increase the beauty and value of their outdoor living spaces. Concrete curbing is a decorative and permanent solution to landscape edging. The shape, color and pattern of the curb are all customizable to your preferences. Montana Mountain Custom Curb can help you determine placement and design for your yard. Installation is fast–most residences take 1-2 days from start to finish.

Montana Mountain Custom Curb offers a wide variety of Curbing options. We offer different styles to match your lawn and activities such as slant style, mower style, and block style curbing. Once you have the Style of your Curbing selected, get creative with our options of Curb Stamps and our many options of Curbing Colors!

Residential and commercial services. Free Estimates. Free design services. Call 406-381-5778 today!

Montana Mountain Custom Curb

William Rowe

Hamilton, MT 59840


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