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Earthscape Curb

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Earthscape Curb & Mulch

Established in 2008, Earthscape Curb & Mulch is a full service company offering: concrete curbing, landscaping and decorative concrete servicing. Located in DeForest, WI, we offer curbing services to Southern and Central Wisconsin. We provide patio and landscaping services within 50 miles of Madison.

Landscape Curbing is a continual piece of concrete that is mixed and installed on-site. With a variety of styles, colors and patterns to choose from, our curbing is guaranteed to outlast all edging competitors while creating stunning landscape appeal. Our concrete is mixed with strength additives to withstand Wisconsin cold winters, heavy lawn mower tires and keeping landscape bed materials in place.

Nick Hahn was featured in an article titled “What I Do – Landscape Business Owner’s Curbs Beautify Yards” in the Wisconsin State Journal where he shares more information about Earthscape Curb & Mulch and the curbing industry

We are proud of our work and love to share it with everyone we can. Be sure to view some of our best projects in our Gallery and check back often to see what’s new. Book our services for yourself and you may see your decorative landscape curb featured next.


Curb & Mulch

Nick Hahn

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